Out Of Standards

J4E 4786
Rainer Böhm, piano; Arne Huber, bass; Matthias Daneck, drums

Recorded May 25th, 2006 at Tonstudio Klangküche, Stuttgart by Torsten Krill

The latest work of Böhm | Huber | Daneck is called "Out Of Standards", and the name is program. The three busy musicians, who, as a trio, have accompanied numerous national and international jazz stars, go an autonomous way on this CD. Although working as composers theirselves, so Rainer Böhm with his duo partner Johannes Enders, Matthias Daneck with his band N.O.W. and Arne Huber with L 14, 16, here they did without own compositions but went to the studio unpretentiously and recorded spontaneously and freely their versions of wellknown standards. "Out Of Standards", so to speak, not in their usual accompanying role but equally solistic, turned to the modern without forgetting the origin. This individual and unconventional players prove with these creative and inspired interpretations and interaction, that they have played together for years and understand each other far above the music.

"… (they) worked out a lot musical ideas in a spontaneous, intense communication and perfect interaction, and showed emphatically that they can, with heart and soul, turn thrilling rhythms into sensual pleasure."

(Badische Zeitung, Februar 2006)

"With crystal-clear precision Böhm´s sound cascades rolled, while his left hand pointed the basic chord structures in the most tricky rhythms: modern jazz piano at its best."

"With great passion and knowledge the musicians fascinated their listeners."

(Baselbieter Zeitung, September 2005)