Rainer Böhm

J4E 4777
Rainer Böhm (p), Johannes Enders (saxes)

Track 1 - 12 recorded on Oct. 31th and Nov. 1st, 2005 by Johannes Enders,
track 13 recorded by Georg Obermayer

In the last few years, pianist Rainer Böhm (1977) and tenor sax player Johannes Enders (1967) met ever so often to play together. They also met as sidemen at the recording of CDs of other musicians; their last musical cooperation was a recording session with tenor sax player Jürgen Seefelder and the Canadian trumpet player Ingrid Jensen.

Now the first duo album, „B“, is released. Its music offers the participants a chance for intimate interaction; the result is that both musicians created very flexible musical expressions. Over the years Rainer Böhm and Johannes Enders developed an extremely precise cooperation and a very individual language. There music is, therefore, hard to categorize. It floats between Modern Jazz and Neo-Romanticism. They play compositions by Rainer Böhm exclusively; the listener can easily follow their clear melodic lines and will enjoy their rhythmic transparency.

Rainer Böhm belongs to the „five strong individuals“ of the band „L 14, 16“, the winner of the 24th International Jazz Competition 2002 in Hoeilaart, Belgium. There he also received the special award as the best soloist. In the years 2000 and 2001 Rainer Böhm came in second at the International Piano Solo Competition in Montreux. In addition, Rainer Böhm received the Jazz Award of the “Nürnberger Nachrichten”, an important German newspaper. He was also successful at the Jazz Competition in Getxo, Spain, in 2005: he was awarded as the best soloist and won the first price in the band competition. As a student of the Music Academy of Mannheim he was a member of the Bundesjazzorchester (the jazz orchestra of the Federal Republic of Germany) under the baton of Peter Herbolzheimer from 1998 to 2000. Rainer Böhm played with Dave Liebman, Albert Mangelsdorff, Rolf Kühn, Adrian Mears, Ingrid Jensen, Keith Copeland, Dusko Goykovich, Paul Heller, Jeff Boudreaux, Dejan Terzic and Jürgen Seefelder, to name just a few. In 2003 the CD by the band "L 14,16“ received the quarterly award of the German Album Critics. With his own trio "Böhm-Halle-Sell" he uses electronic Minimal Music “to invigorate the German jazz scene” (jazzdimensions). Since 2005 Rainer Böhm has been a lecturer for the major Jazz Piano at the Music Academy of Mainz.

Johannes Enders has recorded for jazz4ever-records since 1996. His five CDs for the label are: "Reflections Of South Africa" (1996), "Brooklyn Blue" (1997), "Trio Impossible" (1998), "Way In - Way Out" (2002), "The Tough Tenors" (2003). Johannes Enders won many awards, among them the Silver Award at the American Musicfestival in San Francisco (1990); together with Joshua Redman (the final winner) and Eric Alexander he was a finalist at the Thelonious Monk Jazz Competition in Washington D. C. (1991). Enders received the Award of Culture in the field of music of the city of Munich, capital of the State of Bavaria. In the year 2003 he received the Jazz Award of the German radio and TV station SWR. With his own band, “Enders Room”, he also experiments with electronics.