Florian Buehrich
feat. Andreas Wiersich & Marco Kuehnl 
...endlich Jazz

J4E 4764

Florian Buehrich (vib), Andreas Wiersich (g), 
Peter Adamietz (p), Marco Kuehnl (b), Stefan Seegel (dr)

Recorded at Musication Studio/Studio 214 (www.hfm-n-a.de) October/December 2001 - Nuernberg
Recording engineer: Toni Hinterholzinger


Compositions from half a century ago, recorded long before today´s musicians - that is, in fact, nothing new.

Are they therefore old-fashioned?

When it means that they are "out of style" and less often played, it may be true. But than they haven´t lost their attraction and freshness during the centuries - that demonstrates the vibraphone player (and drummer) Florian Bührich (both he and his band colleagues studied at the Musikhochschule Nürnberg-Augsburg) on his debut-CD "endlich jazz….".

On the program: taditional swinging jazz standards written by John Lewis, Milt Jackson, Benny Golson, and others. That means: "Finally (real) jazz" standing out from the flood of new sound carriers offered now in this genre.


Wolfgang Nußbaumer´s concert review of 22.09.2003 in the "Schwäbische Post":

"A nice thing of the skilled drummer Florian Bührich to go through the somewhat distant realms of jazz. After the above mentioned standard of saxophone player Benny Golson titles from the "Modern Jazz Quartet" and from the trumpet player and bigband leader Dizzy Gillespie determined the musical schedule. When you know, that the mentioned quartet then formed the rhythmic spine of Gillespie´s band, the program seems really well thought out. …

Despite the laudably consequent doing without electronics one would have liked some to widen the sounds of guitar player Andreas Wiersich, who is gifted with very quick and precise fingers. Especially because Peter Adamietz reduced his play, except one enthusiastic run in "Night In Tunisia" (Gillespie´s cookery again), to discreet filling, and Marco Kühnl´s swinging qualities on the bass mainly showed to advantage in the  ensemble.

What may the well entertained public remember best? The lyrical "Django" of the "Modern Jazz Quartet" and the mind-blowing encore written by old vibraphone master Lionel Hampton. His descendant Florian Bührich knows, what´s right an proper."