cieslewicz | eichhorn | greule
TRIO ceg

relativ attraktiv

J4E 4782
Philipp Cieslewicz (p), Matthias Eichhorn (b), Martin Greule (dr)

Recorded and mixed by Kai Mäder at FWL Studios, Leipzig, August 14-16, 2006


Already since 2002 the trio ceg plays together. The musicians initials gave the trio its name - just a C major chord. It is not difficult to connect it with the trio´s music. There is one, but not in a clumsy, sweetish or too obvious way. More in a sincere, emotional and atmospheric. A small difference - but, or rather "relative attractive".

The member of the trio met at the Hochschule für Musik "Franz Liszt" in Weimar. All contributed to the program with own compositions. With a mixture of an affectionate, balladesque and nearly fragile play and energetic, powerful passages ceg tries to create the greatest possible tension and to surprise and captivate the listener with variety and wittiness.

"The compositions of the three musicians are easy and unburdened; they are the trio´s runway to take off to abundant fantastic trips. Astonishing, that their music is no second infusion of the well-known, but keeps up in the nearly endless tradition of piano trios with ingenious ideas and youthful spontaneity".

(Leipziger Almanach)

"In the German jazz scene the piano trio has a renaissance now. You notice a wide
range of facets. The trio ceg from Weimar avows to the fine sounds. Masterly the piano player Philipp Cislewicz shows the sound variations of the piano trio aren´t
drained off at all".

(Barbara Lieberwirth, JAZZZEITUNG)

"Really refreshing to hear how this trio creates atmosphere and sound variety, without pushing forward virtuosity and soloist performances. On the contrary -
the compositions require a compact, homogeneous band sound, which the young
musicians present in an excellent way".

(Frank Möbus - Der Rote Bereich)