Der Rote Bereich III

eine kleine sekunde vor 4

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Rudi Mahall (bcl),
Frank Möbus (g),
John Schröder (dr)

Recorded direct to 2track May 7th, 1997 by Hrolfur Vagnsson at Vagnsson Studio, Hannover
Mastered October 16th, 1997 by Thomas Schmidt at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg


"Stunningly simple, boundlessly complex, never preconceived, often original, always worth while......", so only one of many positive critics about the music of "Der Rote Bereich". New released the third CD with JAZZ4EVER-Records, a highlight in now 7 years of the band`s history.

"Der Rote Bereich" was founded in 1992 by Rudi Mahall and Frank Möbus (they knew each other since kindergarden days!) in Nuremberg. After many clubgigs and legendary concerts in the Nuremberg "Hemdendienst" the group produced their debut CD for JAZZ4EVER-Records followed by performances at the Jazz-Ost-West Festival in Nuremberg, at the Leverkusen Jazz Festival, the Würzburg Jazz Fest etc. Meanwhile the Bavarian Broadcasting System aired an unedited live concert of "Der Rote Bereich" in the TV show "Nachtschwärmer (BR3) and produced following recordings for Bayern2Radio and Bayern4 radio shows.

The original formation of "Der Rote Bereich" (Marty Cook, tb, Rudi Mahall, bcl, Frank Möbus g, Henning Sieverts, b and Jim Black, dr) changed with a move to Berlin. The group now worked mostly as a quartet - without bass - and the trombonist Hal Crook replaced Marty Cook. In March `95 and in this very formation the material for their second CD was put together, which was produced in cooperation with the Bavarian Radio again and wa released in February 1996 by JAZZ4EVER-Records.

In the latest formation (Rudi Mahall, Frank Möbus and John Schröder) "Der Rote Bereich" performed - besides some concerts in the south of Germany - at the Berlin concert series "Jazz Units" (recorded by the Brandenburg Radio), "Neue Musik im Peter Edel" and "Hofkonzerte im Podewil" and was touring in Portugal in April `97. After a steady gig at the "Fischlabor" in Berlin the group recorded the 3rd CD titled "Drei".


In February, right before an extensive tour in Germany, "Der Rote Bereich" will be performing a series of concerts at the "Hot Club" in Lisbon (Feb. 11.12.13) in cooperation of the Hot Club and the Goethe Institute, Lisbon) with special guest Herb Robertson (tp).

Connoisseurs believe this setting of the "Der Rote Bereich" to be the most reddish one it`s ever been...................