Schlosser I Weber I B
oehm I Huber I Binder
L 14,16

J4E 4760

Axel Schlosser (tp), Steffen `Larose` Weber (ts, ss),
Rainer Boehm (p), Arne
Huber (b), Lars Binder (dr)

Rec. January 3 & 4, 2002 at Studio 44, Monster, NL by Max Bollemann

"Five strong individuals, who play unanimously", so the jury described the winners of the 24. International Jazz Award in Hoeilaart/Belgium, the musicians of the group "L 14,16".

L 14,16 is the address of a bar in Mannheim/Germany , and it is the name of a band, which was founded there and is one the best young jazz ensembles in Germany. At the Belgium contest the jury chose "L 14,16" from 62 applicants in unison for the first prize.

Whether newly arranged jazz evergreens or own compositions in the tradition of Hard Bop: the music of "L 14,16" is full of energy and variation. All five musicians are younger than 30 years, and all are on the road to international success. In the front are trumpet player Axel Schlosser (26), youngest member of the HR Big Band, and saxophone player Steffen "Larose" Weber (27), professor at the Musikhochschule Mannheim and guest at jazz festivals from Montreux to Istanbul. Piano player Rainer Boehm (24) won the jazz award of Nuremberg in 2002 and was second in the international piano solo contest in Montreux the last two years. In Belgium he received an extra prize for solo play. On bass is Arne Huber (25), who also accompanies Juergen Seefelder and Adrian Mears; on the drums is Lars Binder (29), who recorded numerous CDs in the USA and Germany.

The "Nuernberger Nachrichten" of the winner´s concert of Rainer Boehm on 22.06.2002:

"Three pianists provided for a long and varied night at the jazz festival with personal trademark. At the beginning in the Tafelhalle a young key lion with flowing mane played: Rainer Boehm thanked with an extra composition for the "Internationaler Jazzpreis der Nuernberger Nachrichten", donated by editor Bruno Schnell. The winner convinced the public in the twinkling of an eye, among them many prominent figures and collegues, as soloist as well as with his quintet, that the jury had made a good choice. The Ex-Nuremberg bandleader Peter Herbolzheimer, especially come for the concert, spoke enthusiastically of Boehm´s big talent; the jury´s leader and eulogist Walter Schaetzlein praised his playing wit. Wolfgang Stolpe of the "Nuernberger Nachrichten" presented the prize endowed with EUR 5.000 to the promising 25 years old pianist from Ravensburg. You didn´t have to ask him twice; impressionism and improvisation are the poles, between which Rainer Boehm varies swiftly and stylistically sure. Freshly and energy-laden also the quintet, with Steffen Weber (sax), Martin Auer (tp), Arne Huber (b) and Lars Binder (dr) comes to the point. Worth mentioning is Boehm´s stylistic openness, with which he unites contrasting elements of Hard Bop and classic in his compositions. The tradition serves as musical quarry. The result doesn´t sound academically hardwork, but lightly and playfully. ……."