J4E 4785
Martin Auer (tp, fl-h), Florian Trübsbach (as, ss), Jan Eschke (p), Andreas Kurz (b), Bastian Jütte (dr, g)

Recorded and mixed by Florian H. Oestreicher, München,


Fotografie: Frank Schindelbeck

Bastian Jütte (dr, g, comp and music supervision of „MAQ" / Indiejazz):

„When I got hold of the CD "OK Computer" of the group "Radiohead" some years
ago, I felt like electrified: seldom before music hat touched me so deeply and directly.

The years before I had been occupied with several forms of jazz. Now I knew that
in the future I would be drawn to another direction. For a long while I almost
exclusively listened to pop music. I was fond of the simplicity, the frankness and the
charming amateurism which is characteristic to some Indie pop bands. I bought a guitar, began to write some songs and suddenly felt like 15.

One of these songs I arranged as instrumental for Martin Auer´s quintet MAQ. Then we had the idea to connect jazz and alternative pop music and to record a whole album of our "Indie-jazz"

We don´t want to invent the jazz anew. We want to integrate the simplicity, the warmth, the broken, the crazy and trashy of the alternative pop in our music. We
don´t want to be an instrumental Indie pop band but to play jazz any further and to keep our natural sound. We let us inspire, and we give inspiration to others. In remixes other artists transform our acoustic material into electronic sounds and create with it their personal version of - Indie-jazz."