Charlie Mariano meets...
New On The Corner & Wuerzburger Streichquartett

J4E 4765

Charlie Mariano (as)
> Bernhard Pichl (p), Rudi Engel (b), Bill Elgart (dr)
>> Franz Peter Fischer (Violine 1), Christiane Schuler (Violine 2), 
Makoto Sudo (Viola), Matthias Steinkrauss (Violoncello)

Recorded at Bayerischer Rundfunk-Studio Franken, Nuernberg, 
September 22-26, 2003 and March 29- April 1, 2004 by Carsten Vollmer.


Die Wurzeln der CD gehen zurück auf das Jahr 1994. Damals konzertierte das "Philharmonische Orchester Würzburg" unter der Leitung von Jonathan Seers mit dem Jazz-Trio "On The Corner". Arrangements stammten unter anderem von Peter Fulda und Jonathan Seers. 1998 und 2000 gesellte sich Charlie Mariano im Rahmen einer Konzertreihe dazu. 

The CD is rooted in the year 1994, when the jazztrio "On The Corner" played with the "Philharmonic Orchestra Of Wü
uerzburg" conducted by Jonathan Seers. Some of the  arrangements were written by Peter Fulda and Jonathan Seers. In 1998 and 2000 Charlie Mariano joined them for a series of concerts.

A project in the year 2002 reunified the "Würzburger Streichquartett", "New On The Corner" (so the name of the quartet when Bill Elgart on the drums extented the trio), Charlie Mariano and the arrangers Peter Fulda and Jonathan Seers. It proved to be good to give the arrangers the utmost artistic freedom to produce manifold colours, atmospheres and styles. It was advantageous that they all had already played  together for years - that enabled the arrangers to compose especially for this formation. The idea for this CD was born; it was realized in a co-production with the Bayerischer Rundfunk - Studio Franken in Nuremberg.

Charlie Mariano, who celebrated his 81st birthday at the 12th of November 2004, is one of the few living and active musicians of the  Bebop era. He still played with Charlie Parker who, influenced himself by Johnny Hodges, shaped his play. From the middle of the 1950s on the Stan Kenton Orchestra was an important phase in Mariano´s life. In 1959 he married the Japanese piano player Toshiko Akiyoshi, formed with her a quartet and toured in the USA and in Japan, where Mariano livedfor two years. 

There and later in Malaysia and India he became acquainted with the Indian music. After an engagement with Charles Mingus at the beginning of  the 1960s he teached at the Berklee School Of Music, where he once had studied. In 1971 he settled in Europe, found his way to Jazz Rock and played with Jasper van`t Hof and the United Jazz And Rock Ensemble. Then Mariano turned to thearising world  jazz. A first approach to the crossover music jazz/classic may be Mariano´s album "Adagio" with pianist Mike Herting and guitar playerPaul Shigihara from 1991, including pieces of A. Dvorak and L. v. Beethoven. With  the CD "Charlie Mariano Meets … " his "journey" goes on now with "New On TheCorner" and the "Wuerzburger Streichquartett".