Andrea Mayer Quartet
A Tribute To Ella Fitzgerald

J4E 4771

Andrea Mayer (voc), Andy Herrmann (p), German Klaiber (b), Matthias
Daneck (dr)

Recorded and mixed by Florian Oestreicher at realistic sound studio, Munich, July 23-25th, 2005


"You just can find them - the special tips. Andrea Mayer is one of them. An overwhelming voice she has, a young Ella Fitzgerald she could be. … Andrea Mayer lives her music like a black jazz singer. She uses various means of expression and vocal sounds, which cause just simply admiration. Her malleable phrasing, the chilly appeal of her modulating voice, the natural warmth the singer extends…"

(Nürnberger Zeitung, 3. März 2005

"... jam-packed the jazzclub was… (Andrea Mayer) uses her voice sovereignly as instrument and sings ballads of tingling tension, scats and coos and presents herself as immensely versatile vocalist …"

(Villinger Zeitung/ Süd-kurier, 18. Januar 2005)

Critics always praise the voice of Andrea Mayer, who comes from Freiburg, so in a concert announcement: "The unusual voice with the usual name."

Many of her fans and friends have been waiting long for a CD under her own name. It became now, of course, an hommage to Ella Fitzgerald, a tribute to one of the biggest voices in jazz history.

Here Andrea Mayer shows all her talent, which also in live concerts let the public go into ecstasies. She swings incredible easily, phrases and improvisates smoothly and - above all - doesn´t forget the blues and the jazz roots. She feels what she sings! And she enjoys it! The listener gets the impression of a extremely strong, natural, soft and warm voice, which Andrea Mayer handles absolutely safely and sovereignly.

The top-class rhythm section with Andy Herrmann a the piano, German Klaiber on bass and Matthias Daneck on the drums impresses with a relaxed cooperation in highest perfection, empathetic accompaniment and very, very much swing. The singer is carried and inspired and able to unfold her whole vocal virtuosity. For three years now Andrea Mayer is working with this national and international demanded musicians of the trio.

The pianist Andy Herrmann recently caused a sensation with his trio-CD "Circle"  (jazz4ever records, J4E 4773). The magazine "Rondo" chose the album the "CD of the month" in September 2005.