m.s.t. musik2


J4E 4769

Michael Schleinkofer (p), Markus Schlesag (b), Matthias Rosenbauer (dr)

Recorded March 2, 2004. Mixed and mastered by Florian Oestreicher, 
Tonstudio Realistic Sound, München


In 1998 a bar in Erlangen was looking for a house band with a "steady gig". That was the beginning of m.s.t., a band with the classic line-up. Already at the first session the interaction between the three musicians worked perfectly. Since 2001 the trio plays once a month in the Havanna Bar. The band recently dedicated its CD "Cocinando", with Latin Jazz, Salsa, Son and Bossa Nova, to this bar. The Michael Schleinkofer Trio plays 40 gigs a year and is steady part of the Bavarian jazz scene.

Filigree, sophisticated, full of nuances, mature - that are some of the attributes given to the Michael Schleinkofer Trio. The line-up is traditional, but not at all the interpretation. The  songs are - following Bill Evans or Keith Jarrett, only slightly arranged. m.s.t. plays flexible soli and gets out of firm structures, so that the music obtains a typically open character. 

The attention between the musicians, the spontaneous building of thrilling tunes and the musically wide range of the soloists confirm their modern demand on jazz improvisation and underline the extraordinary musicality and artistic maturity of the trio. This concept of spontaneous play gives the music of m.s.t. every time a new shape and verifies the sensivity within the group and the intimity between the three individuals.

If live or on CD - for m.s.t. music you can say: Don´t hear it only - listen to it! 

Michael Schleinkofer started piano lessons when he was five. After classical studies he turned towards jazz music with 18, studying on his own and with his mentors Thomas Fink and Thomas Schrack . Despite he studied sports at the university in Erlangen-Nuremberg his real passion was the music, and he dedicated much time to self-studies. Apart from m.s.t. he plays many live gigs, among others Karen Carrol, Tony Bullock, Klaus Graf, Richard Towbridge, Quincy Phelps and Bob Anson. 

Markus Schlesag was on the bass school in Munich and then he studied at the Meistersinger-Konservatorium in Nuremberg with Rudi Engel (jazz) and Nicola Filipov (classic). In 1998 he did his exam as quailified music teacher. He played with Martin Schrack, Bill Molenhof,  Frank Möbus, Tony Bullock, the Big Band and the classic orchestra of the Meistersinger-Konservatorium.

Matthias Rosenbauer completed his studies at the university and works now as freelancer. He changes between contemporary and traditional jazz. He plays in groups like "Der Moment" (progressive jazz trio) and "Der Event" (Drum´n Bass), as well as in theatre productions of the Staatstheater Nuremberg. CD-Productions with "Der Moment", "Trio Pagaro" feat. Ack van Rooyen and "Buddy And The Huddle". Live concerts with Ack van Rooyen, Rudi Mahall, Frank Moebus and Martin Schrack.