Oliver Leicht

feat. Ack van Rooyen

J4E 4787
Oliver Leicht (as, cl), Norbert Scholly (g), Ingmar Heller (b), Jens Düppe (dr)
special guest on 01, 03, 04, 05, 07: Ack Van Rooyen (fl-h)

Recorded June 12th & 13th 2007 at Hansahaus Studios Bonn by Oliver Bergner. Mixed shortly thereafter
at Red-Couch-Studio Pforzheim by David Sasowski. Mastered slightly later at Soundgarden Studio Hamburg by Chris Von Rautenkranz

Some chats over a cup of coffee shouldn´t be kept away from the world. So Oliver Leicht´s "Herrenrunde" (gentlemen´s company), a quartet with the saxophone and clarinet player Oliver Leicht and a wonderful rhythm group with Norbert Scholly, guitar, Ingmar Heller, bass, and the drummer Jens Düppe. These musicians created, some time ago, the "Herrenrunde". Four artists, who act and react together and paint the modern arranged compositions of Oliver Leicht in special colours.

The several titles are broken up and widened by the team´s improvisation. So a very unconventional CD was made, which likes to work with contrasts. Serene pieces are put against dark melancholic compositions; they repel each other and though join together. Masterly Leicht drops dynamic back to slowness. That intensifies the special effects of the pieces, above all in the ballades, where Leicht´s smooth clarinet sound wonderfully harmonates with the flugelhorn.

Ack Van Rooyen ist the fifth artist, invited by Leicht to the "Herrenrunde". His lyrical flugelhorn fits elegantly into the ensemble, is incorporated and at the same time, floating above it. This exciting team work widens the central idiom of Modern Jazz and searches continuously new directions far beyond this style. Leicht gives his music open space to grow by allowing his musicians to form it together. Time and again they produce new, interesting and moving sounds.

Oliver Leicht shows with this second release and this connection a wonderful, exciting and new side of the "Herrenrunde", which had its debute with the octet (Acht.) in 2006. He accentuates the core of the big ensemble and reflects its origin, which came into being in the above mentioned coffee company in Leicht´s flat in Cologne - the result shows that he was right.