Nils Pollheide

Count On Me

VÖ: 5. September 2008

J4E 4791
Nils Pollheide (g), Dirk Schaadt (Hammond B3), Etienne Nillesen (dr)

Recorded 6./7. April 2007 at Fattoria Musica Studio Osnabrück by Markus Braun
Mixed by Nils Pollheide, mastered by Patchmusic.


It seems to become a real organ-guitar renaissance. The latest sign is the Larry Coryell Organ Trio with Sam Yahel on the Hammond B3 organ and Paul Wertico, drums. And this 74 years after Laurens Hammond invented the Hammond B3 organ in Chicago.

Also in Germany something is happening. Guitar player Nils Pollheide of Osnabrück released a new CD with Dirk Schaadt an the Hammond B3 and Etienne Nillesen on the drums. His piece of silver "Count On Me" makes people take notice.

The group presents modern jazz with an extraordinary sound. With swinging, rhythmical, tricky but melodious compositions the Nils Pollheide Trio shoots up the sound of the Hammond trios of the 60s into the present. Its debute album "Count On Me" is built on various styles. First the musicians show by whom they have been influenced. In Dirk Schaadt´s composition "Mr. Goldo" you recognize Larry Goldings, his arrangement of Wes Montgomery´s "Four On Six" is a special reference of Pollheide for the doyen, in "Gut gelaunt" you hear the groove tradition of the Hammond trios in the 60s.

Then the album is getting more and more modern. Pollheide´s compositions show a wide range - from the peaceful ballad and the acoustic solo to an experimental loop orgy.

The concept works, as even Michael Sagmeister, Germany´s most renowned jazz guitarist said with the words: "A good album of  a highly talented guitar player".