Joachim Raffel Trio and Sextet Motion

Joachim Raffel (p, Fender Rhodes), Alex Morsey (b), Christian Schoenefeldt (dr, perc), Stephan Struck (tp), Jan Klare (as), Robert Kretzschmar (ts)

Recorded, mixed and mastered November and December 1999 at Vagnsson Studio, Hannover
Engineer: Hrolfur Vagnsson

Move! - Better Not Now - This Is - Definitions - Circlesong No. 5 - Blues For Eric
(Dolphy) - Nothing Of All - Split - There And Now - Blue Motion


Grooving tunes as "Move!" an "This Is", which are nearly suitable for the dancefloor, highly virtuos piano trio pieces as "Circleong No. 5", interactive free style as "Better Not Now" and "Blue Motion" - that is the range of possibilities, which Joachim Raffel fathoms with his trio and sextet on his new CD "...In Motion".

The title is programme: The musicians` agility in all directions of today`s style of playing and improvisation, flexibility of the composer Joachim Raffel concerning variety and number of contrasts in his pieces. Especially blues elements soak many of the here assembled compositions. They are the central theme of the music and add spice to it.

"Circlesong No. 5" and "There And Now" show Joachim Raffel`s predilection for hymnal themes on hypnotizing ostinato figures. In "Better Not Now", "Blue Motion" and "Definitions" the sextet as well as the trio present themselves loaded with collective improvisation enthusiasm. At the same time all musicians are brilliant as soloists.

This year the Joachim Raffel Sextet, after the quintet and the Large Ensemble lead by the piano player and composer, was awarded for a third time a prize in the regional contest "Jazzpodium Niedersachsen". On "...In Motion" this trio and sextet prove the immense potential of the local jazz scene."

A big hit!