Alejandro Sánchez / Der 05 Report
Get Enrosqued en Demasia

J4E 4768

Alejandro Sánchez (ts), Arne Jansen (g), Tobias Kalisch (b), Oliver Steidle (dr) 

Recorded at "Studio 214 HfM" in August 2003 by Toni Hinterholzinger und Alejandro Sánchez,
mixed and mastered by Alejandro Sánchez


"Similar to "Der Rote Bereich" the up to now most sucessful jazz export from Nuremberg to the capital Berlin, Sánchez changes between Modern Jazz and Avantgarde Rock. With his full, lightly melancholic and poetic tenor sound he tells very personal yet Argentina stories, in which you will like to get involved. Exactly this says the title of his debute CD "Get Enrosqued en Demasía" - get involved in abundance.

The 25 years old tenorsaxophone player Alejandro Sánchez was born in Mar de la Plata - 400 km south of Buenos Aires, and lives now in Nuremberg.

During his studies at the Musikhochschule Nuremberg-Augsburg with Hubert Winter and Steffen Schorn the young Argentinean was leading his constant group "Der 05 Report". Besides he conducted his "World Ensemble", "Nabel´s Trio" and the "Nonett +1" (Reinhold Horn on the website of "Musikfestival für Nürnberg: Stimmenfang 2005 - Ladies In Jazz", which will take place from September 29th to October 9th; Alejandro Sánchez will play in the Jazz Studio Nürnberg at October 1st, 2005, 

The compositions of Alejandro Sánchez have a refreshing new sound. Similar to the early experimental pieces of "Der Rote Bereich" - the most ingenious jazz export from Nuremberg to Berlin long ago - Sánchez and his Band "Der 05 Report" oscillates between Modern Jazz and Avantgarde Rock - but he never leaves completely the field of composition. Although nothing seems to be written - the Bebop bubbles, the exiled spins soft melancholic threads, the spray of the Argentina Atlantic coast sparkles in the late autumn.

Alejandro Sánchez is regarded as one of the most promising young jazz musicians not only in the Nuremberg jazz scene, but far beyond. And so Sánchez is active in jazz capitals from Berlin to Buenos Aires and in fact not unknown here and there. Buenos Aires , Mar de la Plata, Berlin and Nuremberg are the current centres of Sánchez´ life, who already teaches himself at the Musikhochschule Nuremberg-Augsburg. In workshops in Germany and Argentina he made a name for himself as lecturer.

Resumé: Tenorsaxophonist Alejandro Sánchez and his "05 Report" belong today to the most remarkable and creative jazz ensembles of young musicians of the terrifically rising (young) German jazz scene. The jazz friends here may eagerly watch the further development and way of Alejandro Sánchez. His first step on the right course is the release of this CD.