Axel Schlosser
Sounds From My World

J4E 4780
VÖ: 3.11.06
Axel Schlosser (tp, fl-h), Tony Lakatos (ts),
Rainer Böhm (p), Arne Huber (b),
Jean Paul Höchstädter (dr)

Recorded at the Klangküche Tonstudio, Stuttgart on October 12-14, 2005.
Recording engineer: Torsten Krill. Mixed by Torsten Krill, Axel Schlosser and
Jean Paul Höchstädter at the Klangküche Tonstudio, Stuttgart on March 20, 2006.
Mastered by Torsten Krill in May 2006.


Refreshing Second Album With Personal Touch

With a fresh breeze the Frankfurt trumpet player Axel Schlosser presents his second album "Sounds From My World". After his first release in autumn 2005, the succesful debute CD "Touching The Moon" (J4E 4775), now, one year later, Schlosser offers another splendid production, where you can hear clearly his musical development.

Whereas the first release was orientated to American influences, with "Sounds From My World" Axel Schlosser is turning more and more towards the European style which grants even more identity, without losing compositional variety and stilistic flexibility. He reflects his spiritual and geographic music roots, experiences and occurrences of his life. He is supported by Tony Lakatos (ts), Rainer Böhm (p), Arne Huber (b) and Jean Paul Höchstädter (dr). Real music dialogues are developing between the characters.

Lakatos and Böhm contributed each one piece to the CD. The other tracks are compositions from Axel Schlosser and adequately arranged standards.

An exciting pleasure with emotional draught and expressive fireworks.

Axel Schlosser was born in 1976. Already with 17 he became member of the BundesJazzOrchester, since 1997 he studied at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Heidelberg. From 2000 to 2001 he was the leading trumpet player in the German-French Jazz Ensemble with Albert Mangelsdorff. In 2002 Axel Schlosser played with the Mannheim quartet "L 14,16" in Hoelaart/Belgium, the band won the "International Jazz Competition" there. Then he was called by the Jazz Baltica Ensemble, even before he was soloist in the "hr bigband" in Frankfurt. Axel Schlosser contributed to CDs of Rainer Tempel and the "Sunday Night Orchestra", Max Greger jr., the "Sultans Of Swing" and the "No Angels". With "Young Friends" he produced the album "Great German Songbook" (ACT) in 2005.