Axel Schlosser
Touching The Moon

J4E 4775

Axel Schlosser (tp, fl-h), Rainer Böhm (p, Tacet on 4.7.10), Arne Huber (b),
Jean Paul Höchstädter (dr)

Recorded at Klangküche Tonstudio Stuttgart on Oct. 28 & 29, 2004 by Torsten Krill.
Mixed by Torsten Krill and Axel Schlosser at Klangküche Tonstudio, Stuttgart.


One of the most interesting characters of Europe’s trumpet playing community is Axel Schlosser. He was born in Aaalen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, in 1976. The young gentleman can now look back at a most amazing musical career. In his younger years he was self-taught in the art of jazz improvisation, but that did not prevent an ever growing popularity of his work and contributions.

You can hear Axel Schlosser nationally and internationally in a great variety of musical contexts: as the soloist of the hr Big Band in Frankfurt, Germany; as a member of the Jazz Baltica Ensemble; as co-leader; as a radio personality blessed with dry wit (acc. to the paper Mannheimer Morgen); as the trumpet star of the internationally renowned band "L 14, 16" (based in Mannheim, Germany); and, last, not least, as the leader of his own groups. No matter what context, Schlosser convinces the serious listener due to his very personal style. Stefan Michalzik from the German quality paper Frankfurter Rundschau says: “The trumpet and flugelhorn player Axel Schlosser, who also doubles as a masterful MC, belongs to the class of young high-performance players who easily master any tempo, no matter how fast it may be; what is even more important: beyond his technically precise playing he also has the kind of musical breath that allows for meaningful musical speech.”

Schlosser’s first CD “Touching The Moon“ is living proof of all his qualities mentioned. The music provided by this silver disc is a tasteful combination of musicality, personality, brilliant techniques, depth, virtuosity, and a wide range of musical styles without losing its inner connection.” About his own compositions, which form the larger part of the repertoire presented on “Touching The Moon”, Schlosser says: “Ally of my compositions are based on very concrete personal events.” The other titles of the CD are either standards or original compositions by Freddie Hubbard and Louis Armstrong. These originals have accompanied for many years, have been on his mind continuously, and they have influenced him. Together with his band Axel Schlosser knows how to make these titles his very own.

In an interview with Klaus Dieter Zeh (Jazzpodium) Schlosser admitted: “I talk through my trumpet whenever I play it. It focuses all my ideas, impressions, experiences, emotions, and thoughts. For me, this process is tightly connected with the terms ‘soul’ and ‘blues’.” The CD “Touching The Moon” is an excellent pleasure for the listener’s ears not only because of this fact.

The members of Alex Schlosser’s band also supply their own creative and masterful soundscape of the music that can be called “real” jazz. Master pianist Rainer Böhm, known due to his co-operations (to mention just a few) with Johannes Enders, Jürgen Seefelder and Ingrid Jensen, is also a member of the group “L 14, 16”. The same is true of the bass player, Arne Huber, who is especially famous in the German and Swiss jazz scene because of his earthy warm wood sound and his unequalled groove. Jean Paul Höchstädter, the drummer, is an incredibly flexible and adaptive representative of his instrument; he regularly plays with the RIAS Big Band, the hr Big Band, the NDR Big Band, and the Tony Lakatos Quintet.

Original Liner Notes for "Touching The Moon" by Wolfgang Haffner:

What a blessing it is for Germany to have musicians like Axel Schlosser. When I hear him, I always feel great because he has so much respect and dedication for the music he plays. He has the unique gift of saying a lot in just one note. His warm, full sound is pure magic and inspires the listener. On his debut album as a leader, “Touching The Moon”, Axel Schlosser plays a few standards and his own compositions, thus showing that he is also an excellent composer. The rhythm section is tops and consists of Rainer Böhm, Arne Huber, and Jean Paul Höchstädter; they sure know how to swing. Kudos, an absolutely great debut!

Wolfgang Haffner