Axel Schlosser

J4E 4792 VÖ: 30. Januar 2009

Axel Schlosser (tp, fl-h), Julian Argüelles (ts), Martin Sjöstedt (b), Jean Paul
Höchstädter (dr)

Recorded March 29 and 30, 2008 at Hansahaus Studios Bonn, Germany - Mixed August 11 and 12, 2008
at Hansahaus Studios Bonn - Recording and mixing engineer: Oliver Bergner - Mastered August 14, 2008
at Soundgarden, Hamburg, Germany - Mastering engineer: Chris Von Rautenkranz


Axel Schlosser, the trumpet and flugelhorn player living in Frankfurt, presents with his newest album "Secrecy" the boiled down essence of a creative working process of more than a year. At the moment Axel Schlosser is solo trumpet player in the hr Bigband, he teaches at
the music high schools in Frankfurt and Mainz and he has, as a soloist and bandleader, toured whole Europe.

His current band is equipped with real headliners of the European jazz scene: The tenor-saxophone is played by Julian Arguelles, Great Britain, who works himself as bandleader and
composer; he is known as partner of Kenny Wheeler, Carla Bley and Django Bates. On the
bass is Sweden´s number 1 in his subject: Martin Sjöstedt. He recently played with artists as Viktoria Tolstoy, Joey Calderazzo or Joe Lovano. Drummer of the band is Jean Paul
Höchstädter, who often plays with Jim McNealy, Brian Lynch or Ted Nash.

With concentrated force the top-class ensemble stages ten new compositions of Axel Schlosser, who arranged them especially for a quartet without harmonic instrument. Typical
are the contrasts which are consciously developped and established, but also the intertwining and fusion of its poles.

Pulsating improvisations bursting with energy, heartbreaking melancholy, widely stretching
horizontal harmonies, catchy themes, the search for creative expression, crossing of traditional, nearly forgotten playing techniques and contemporary sound concepts, deep
emotions, thrilling tunes binding and holding the listener, distinct intensity within the whole
musical spectrum, from the heavy and impetuous to the soft and fragile end - all these are
only words to describe Axel Schlosser´s music. The best is to listen to it and to judge yourself.

"Secrecy" is a new splendid album of Axel Schlosser. Its advancing and powerful music is
fascinating the listener from the beginning to end.