Thomas Schmidt Trio: For Good Reasons

Thomas Schmidt Trio:
For Good Reasons

Is This your Noodle?
Just When I Look At You

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Thomas Schmidt (g)
Andreas Henze (b)
Heinrich Köbberling (dr)

Recorded at Audio Cue Tonlabor, Berlin-Mitte,
October 12./13.1998 by Rainer Robben


The trio line-up guitar- bass - drums has a rather short but inviting history. After masters like Grant Green, Jim Hall and Kenny Burrell in the sixties and seventies there followed, from 1980 on, the well-known trios of John Abercrombie, Pat Metheny, John Scofield and others, who, no doubt, deeply influenced all jazz guitar player up to now.

The trio of the Berlin guitarist Thomas Schmidt developes a sound between traditional and modern. With little use of special effects, the musicians create an amazing fresh sound, above all caused by playing lust and spontaneity.

Founded in 1998, the trio with Andreas Henze (b) and Heinrich Köbberling (dr) plays exclusively compositions of its own. The musicians are acquainted for a long time, and play in different bands and styles, traditional as well as modern jazz.

The band has a wide musical range: From balladic and lyrical songs, from Swing and Bebop to funky grooves and more free, onomatopoeic improvisation. Its individual sound results from the musicians` openness and distinct interaction. They give priority to playing together, not to solo show-pieces.

The CD "For Good Reasons", recorded in October 1998, is a cross-section of the trio`s work. It met with a very good response: "Your new CD is smooth, lyrical and very musical. Hope you have good reviews and continue to write and play more." (Billy Bauer from New York)

" The sound is relaxed and there is is a lot of communication between all of you. The soloing has a real spontaneous feel to it and your writing. I wish you all success with it." (Woody Mann from New York)

The musicians:

Thomas Schmidt - lives in Berlin. First he studied flamenco guitar in Granada/Spain, then classical guitar during his studies in Kassel. Jazz classes in New York with Billy Bauer, Jim Hall, Barry Harris, Ron Jackson and Woody Mann.

Concerts and studio productions since 1987. Playing and writing for various film and theatre music productions since 1990.

Andreas Henze - lives in Berlin/Hamburg. He studied classical double-bass in Kassel. He played, among others, with Gary Thomas, Allan Praskin, Rachel Gould and Jack Walrath. He is often on tour in Europe and America, participates in Hamburg musical productions, plays in studios and works as composer.

Heinrich Köbberling - lives in Hamburg/Berlin. He studied drums at the Hamburger Musikhochschule and the New School in New School in New York.

He has been in great demand for years, had concerts and tours with Herb Geller, Gunter Hampel, Clark Terry and Richie Beirach. In 1998 he himself recorded the CD "Pisces" with bassist Marc Johnson and others.