Thomas Siffling Group


Thomas Siffling (tp, fl-h), Rainer Böhm (p), Uwe Lange (b),
Markus Falter (dr) feat. Frank Möbus (g) on track 2

 Recorded 7.6.2001 at Studio Vagnsson in Hannover/Germany by Hrolfur Vagnsson

There is no lack of awards and fostering prizes for the 29 years old trumpet player Thomas Siffling: after various prizes at "Jugend jazzt" and an award of the city of Mannheim for young artists in 1998 he won the Daimler Chrysler competition for instrumental jazz in the year 2000.

Thomas Siffling studied first at the college of music in Heidelberg-Mannheim, was member of the BundesJugendJazzorchester and cooperated with the Hessische Rundfunk Big Band; then he founded a jazz quartet under his own name, which presents the second CD now.

 He prefers to play modern, European mainstream, although today he also integrates avantgarde elements and thereby reaches an even more independent musical character. All members of the band get much room to improvisation; musical freedom always means innovation too. So very close communicative connections arise between the musicians, with homogeneous atmosphere and strong suspense, based by loads of playing lust.

 More´s the pity that guitar-player Frank Möbus ("Der Rote Bereich") from Berlin only plays on one track (number 2), captivating with his also here unconventional, ingenious play.

Thomas Siffling

Born 18.12.1972 in Kralsruhe. First trumpet lessons from Professor Adolf Weresch (State College Of Music in Karlsruhe. Attended the Helmholz Musikgymnasium, was member of the school´s big band and the symphony orchestra. From 1992 to 1995 member of the Jugend Jazzorchester Baden-Württemberg led by Professor Bernd Konrad. From 1994 to 1998 studies at the College Of Music And Performing Arts Heidelberg-Mannheim under Stefan Zimmermann. In 1996 member of the Mannheim Jazz Big Band. From October 1998 on research studies of trumpet playing at the State College Of Music in Stuttgart under Claus Stötter. In 1998 radio production of the Hessische Rundfunk with Maria Schneider. From 1999 on teacher at the Jazz&Pop School Darmstadt.


 Several prizes at "Jugend jazzt", fostering prize of Mannheim for young  artists in 1998, winner of the Daimler Chrysler competition for instrumental jazz in 2000.

Work with

Frank Foster, Al Porcino, Karl Ratzer, Bobby Shew, Jan Osthof, Tony Luhan and others.

Toured in

South America, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, France, Italy and Lebanon.