...on the right track...

Bird's Perspective

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Edith Steyer (saxes, cl), Rainer Lewalter (b), Jürgen Hahn (tp, fl-h), Peter Wegele (p), Hubert Malik (dr), special guest: Martin Spiegelberg (g) on track 3 and 5

Recorded and mixed April 10 & 11, 1999
at Fluxx Studio Munich.
Recording engineer: Lori Lorenzen

POSTERITY" - while also alluding to the kind of song titles much favored by the early bepoppers, at the same time resumes the situation of the young jazz musicians on the verge of the third millenium you find yourself facing a near-century of great jazz already in existence. But the vantage point of hindsight need not necessarily stifle an up- and- coming player`s own personality and expression.

Edith Steyer, the young reed player and composer from Munich, digs way deep in the great legacy of the saxophone and clarinet. Not one to say away from taking inspiration from masters that many of her contemporaries would consider out-dated, she commands a huge "bag" of musical ideas and knows how to use whatever serves her purposes.

Her magnificent and easily identifiable sound on all of her instruments, combined with a natural, supple swing feed and a quite personal bluesy touch in her melodies all give ample proof of the fact that there`s a real stylist expressing her ideas.

"POSTERITY" uses the by now classic jazz quintet line-up of two horns and rhythm. Since the group plays almost exclusively original material (written by Edith Steyer and Rainer Lewalter), they felt it was appropriate to pare things down to essentials and cut away all outside formalism and extraneous clutter. The remarkable cohesiveness, beautiful instrumental blending and infectious spirit of spontaneity on the quintet`s first recording, "On The Right Track", is also a result of the daring simplicity of recording conditions - all tracks were recorded live, one mike per instrument, all the five of them in one room, no headphones, no amplification. No nonsense.

Rather than impressing with technical bravado and short-breathed "zeitgeist" babble. "POSTERITY" seek to catch the listener`s ear much the same way as jazz players alwas did: telling those little stories - many of them all but new - in a new, fresh and personal manner. And here they are, shuffle and all, stomping it off vigorously, gently caressing the ballads and even toying playfully with a bepopped-up version of Charleston.