Tony Lakatos / Johannes Enders
feat. Antonio Faraˇ European Trio
The Tough Tenors

J4E 4761

Tony Lakatos (ts, ss), Johannes Enders (ts),
Antonio Fara˛ (p), Martin Gjakonovski (b), Dejan Terzic (dr)

Recorded live at the Jazzkeller Frankfurt/Main - December 16, 2001 by Tony Lakatos, mixed by

Tony Lakatos at the Lakton Studio Frankfurt


On December 16, 2001, at a place shrouded in myths - the oldest jazz club in the republic - there ocurred a distinctive highlight of European jazz. Tony Lakatos und Johannes Enders, two the most important tenor saxophonists of the younger generation - preserved rather by chance, a result of spontaneous action and now available to the rest of the world on CD.

Lakatos, vintage 1958, Enders 1967 - met with the Italian pianist Antonio Faraˇ and his European trio on the tradition-rich stage of the "Frankfurter Jazzkeller" in order to pay homage to the pure joy of improvised music.

Both "Tough Tenors" do all honors to their name: expressive, vivacious, with high energy and resolution they gush out those blazing firestorms from their instruments, which have led them to the top of the jazz scene. Both have a wealth of experience. Their resumes are full of stamina, willfulness, self-assured studious cooperation with the greats of the genre which have earned them an all-round high acceptance of their abilities. Both elicit an animated presence and considerable power from their horns. ů

 One of the best piano trios on the old continent accompanies these big boys. With Antonio Faraˇ as collective focal point, two magic triangles interlock in perfect balance. ů

 (from the CD-linernotes written by Tobias B÷cker)

 The Tough Tenors: Best jazz - made in Germany, jazz friends may have longed for it.